Bethel Presbyterian Church (USA) - session


Bethel Session

The session is made up of the Pastor (moderator) plus the elders in active service (ruling elders). Bethel has twelve active elders, four of whom are elected annually by the congregation to serve a term of three years. Newly elected elders replace those whose term has expired. Once ordained as an elder, one is always an elder -- either active (ruling elder) or inactive (teaching elder). The session has authority over all organizations within the local church. Bethel's Clerk of Session is nominated and elected by the session annually; currently a teaching elder serves as Clerk of Session but does not vote.

Many of Bethel’s activities and on-going operational aspects are coordinated by committees. Each of these committees is composed of Bethel members, and each committee is chaired by one or more session members. The Pastor serves as an ex-oficio member of every committee. In the session roster that follows, just click on a committee name to learn about what that committee does and who is currently on it.

Current Session