Bethel Presbyterian Church (USA) - our outreach ministries


Our Ministries

Bethel members and friends have many opportunities to make a difference on a local as well as a global level through participation in the Service Team (formerly Mission Outreach Committee).
Members of this team carry their beliefs beyond the doors of the church by helping those in need. Bethel members live what they believe by being responsible stewards of their resources and by giving their personal time and offerings.  
Presbyterians give a portion of tithes and offerings to support Presbytery programs and campus ministries at many colleges. Donations are also sent to the Shared Missions of our General Assembly and the Synod of Living Waters.

For more information on the ministries that we support through our offerings and volunteer efforts, please click on the tabs for local, regional, and global missions. There you will find information about each ministry as well as links to websites where available.