Bethel Presbyterian Church (USA) - ministries world-wide: Theological Education Fund


Theological Education Fund
(The Presbyterian Church, USA promotes,
and Bethel helps support, this Special Offering)

One of the continuing strengths of the Presbyterian Church (USA) is a competent ministry, well educated in the Reformed tradition. Our seminaries provide pastors, educators, missionaries, and chaplains for the work of Christ's church. Our seminaries also offer continuing education programs for those seeking on-going renewal of spirit and competence for ministry. By sharing together in financial support of our theological seminaries we affirm our church's historic roots and assure leadership of our church in the years to come.

The Theological Education Fund dates back to 1989. All congregations are encouraged to make a voluntary contribution of 1% of their local operating budget. This fund is the only source of denomination-wide financial support received by our seminaries. Bethel has historically contributed 1% of our budget to this fund and continues to do so.

Twelve theological institutions receive our denominational support through the Theological Education Fund (1% plan).