Bethel Presbyterian Church (USA) - ministries world-wide: Peacemaking Offering


Peacemaking Offering
(The Presbyterian Church, USA promotes,
and Bethel helps support, this Special Offering)

The Peacemaking offering is one of the four special offerings of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Most congregations receive it on World Communion Sunday, the first Sunday in October. The purpose of the Peacemaking Offering is to support peacemaking efforts.

The "Committment to Peacemaking" is a tool by which the session of a congregation makes a promise that their congregation is going to be involved in or continue to be involved in peacemaking. The "Committment" suggests eight ways in which peacemaking can be done: worship, prayer and Bible study, peacemaking in families and congregations, community ministries, response to global issues, global security, making peace with the earth, and receipt of the peacemaking offering.