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Prison Ministry

At Bethel we have long believed that God calls us to ministry in the "broken and fearful world" (from The Brief Statement of Faith) of the Morgan County Regional Correctional Facility in Wartburg.

Bethel's Prison Ministry began a number of years ago with volunteers who responded to a request for free world people to handle the money raised by a prisoner project, as the prisoners themselves were not allowed to handle money. The ministry has expanded, shrunk, and changed in response to changing regulations at the prison and the needs of prisoners.

At present, volunteers from Bethel provide visitation; conduct 5th Sunday Presbyterian Worship services; furnish desserts and company for the prisoners' yearly Varsity Club and Veterans Club Banquets;  and furnish small gifts and desserts at Christmastime. Bethel also maintains and administers the Meyer Pettyjohn Memorial Scholarship fund which was established by inmates who wanted to honor the memory of an inmate who had a tremendous positive influence on them. It is funded by inmate donations and the proceeds are used to provide scholarships to inmates who wish to improve their educational level before their release.

The Prison Ministry has changed through the years in response to changes in regulations at the state and the prison. It will need to continue to be responsive to those requirements. Your prayers are requested, both for the ministry team and for the men who are incarcerated there. If you would like to know more about volunteering, please contact the church office or talk with a member of the prison ministry team.