(Last updated: Tuesday, December 6 , 2022 -- 1:04 pm)

Personnel Team
This team serves as the church human resources group for both paid staff and volunteers. In cooperation with the pastor and teams with whom the staff and volunteers work, it develops accurate job descriptions, defines job duties, ensures adequate training, recommends compensation and benefits, performs annual reviews, and helps set annual developmental goals.

When job openings occur, the team develops the job description, advertises the position, reviews applicants and assists in the interview process. The Team recommends for employment all staff except the Pastor, who is recommended by a Pastor Nominating Committee.

The team is responsible for creating and administering all personnel policies and procedures that the Session adopts and for reviewing and updating the Personnel Policies & Procedures section of the Church Operating Manual annually. The policies and procedures include hiring and terminations, annual reviews, grievances, compensation & benefits, and training, as well and other personnel related matters.

Team Leader: Brad Parish