(Last updated: Tuesday, December 6 , 2022 -- 1:04 pm)

Finance Team
This team is responsible for the stewardship of the church's finances, including receipts coming into the church and the spending of those receipts. The team insures that church financial resources are managed and recorded appropriately through developing financial procedures and controls, monitoring the budget, managing cash, investments and debt, and overseeing financial records, reports, personnel (volunteer Treasurer, counters, and paid staff), and annual reviews.

The team provides support, as needed, to the volunteers and staff and assists in producing useful reports for the Session and Congregation. The team calls attention to the financial needs of the church to carry out ministries and missions, as needed.

The team consists of: at least one or two elders currently on Session, the Church Treasurer, and at large members with an aptitude or interest in financial matters.

Team Leader: Ken Dungan