(Last updated: Friday, September 24 , 2021 -- 1:27 pm)

Communications Team
The purpose of the Communications Team is to ensure that methods of communication remain open and available between the Minister and Session and the Congregation and Community. Primarily, this means overseeing administration of the church’s website and social media.

The Communications Team is responsible for creating and maintaining an operations manual that details how Bethel’s website and social media pages are organized and administered, and ensuring that this information is readily available and accessible to the Session. The Communications Team is also responsible for identifying volunteers who may be appointed by Session to assist in administering the church’s website and/or social media pages.

It is not the Communications Team’s role to determine the “message" to be communicated by the church. This job belongs to the Minister and to the other Teams in the Session (Faith, Fellowship, Finance, Personnel, Property, Service, and Study,). As such, it is expected that the Communications Team will work closely with each of the other Teams to ensure that each of these groups has access to prompt and effective means of communication.

Within the first six months of the Communications Team’s formation, it is expected that members of the Communications Team will meet with each of the current volunteers who assist in Bethel’s website and social media pages and determine whether these volunteers are interested in continuing their work in their present roles. If they are not, the Communications Team will determine whether new volunteers are needed, and if so, the Communications Team will locate individuals willing to volunteer in these roles. The Communications Team will then make a recommendation to Session as to which volunteer positions are needed (“Website Administrator," “Facebook Administrator," “Instagram Administrator"), and who is willing to volunteer for these roles. Session may, at its discretion, appoint volunteers to serve in any or all of these capacities.

Team Leader: Celia Simon